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                        ASSISTANT Team Leaders

Assistant Team Leaders attend Team Leader training. On the survey, they serve as dolphin observers and assist the Team Leader and other team members. After participating in two or more surveys, they may become Team Leaders.

*Assistant Team Leaders pay a $20 survey fee.

*Team Leaders pay a $30 refundable deposit on a Team Leader Kit: A waterproof suitcase which holds laminated emergency information sheets, pens, camera memory cards, film, TDP Burgee (flag), the NMFS permit and other survey materials. No survey fee is paid. Survey forms are downloaded for the Kit from this website: SURVEY FORMS

                          TEAM LEADERS

'TRADITIONAL' Team Leaders coordinate the arrival time and location and boat information with the Skipper; then contacts the team with the information. Team Leaders keep the team in compliance with the MMPA (Marine Mammal Protection Act) during the survey. This means that the boat must keep a distance of 50 yards from dolphins whenever possible. The boat is not permitted to turn and follow the dolphins. The Team Leader records the dolphin sighting information on the Event Sheet. The Assistant Team Leader may also complete the Event Sheets under the guidance of the Team Leader.

At the end of the survey, the Team Leader distributes the Evaluation Sheets to the team members and then collects them. The Team Leader also collects the film or memory card from the Photographer. All the data and film is then sent to DATA ENTRY.                                          
Linda Asher-Murphy/Team Leader
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After participating in at least 70 hours of surveys as a Team Leader, one may opt to serve as a
PERMIT Team Leader and be  named on the NMFS PERMIT. Under the supervision of a Permit Team Leader, the survey boat may be guided within the 50 yard limit as described by the MMPA. The boat is also allowed to turn and carefully follow the dolphin as instructed in the training program.  All other responsibilities of the Permit Team Leader are the same as the Traditional Team Leader.

Team Leaders are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the data collected as well as The Dolphin Project itself.